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FEDA International Services, Inc.

Procurement & Trading Services

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FEDA International Services, Inc.(FEDA) is a Procurement & Export Trading Company established in Baltimore in 1989 and registered with the State of Maryland, U.S.A. in 2009.

FEDA works with a network of financial services entities and banks through which financing can be arranged for buyers of United States manufactured goods and services.

FEDA networks with a wide range of businesses and can market and sell various products anywhere around the globe.

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In addition to equipment financing, FEDA can also arrange financing for the following:

  1. United States agricultural products through the United States Department of Agriculture.

  2. Asian agricultural products through Asian Financial Institutions.

For financing through the United States Department of Agriculture, it is required that:

  1. The agricultural product is of 100% U.S. origin.

  2. Buyer submits a irrevocable, confirmed and deferred Letter of Credit with FEDA International Services, Inc as the beneficiary.